Top 10 Things Critical Area Property Owners Can Do to Save the Bay

  1. Plant native trees and shrubs to create wildlife habitat, attracting native birds, pollinators and insects.
  2. Divert rain spouts from paved surfaces onto grass or gardens and reduce impervious surface to recharge underground reservoirs and filter pollutants.
  3. Reduce lawn area—lawn chemicals and gas-powered mowers pollute the Bay.
  4. Manage your yard’s waste by composting instead of sending it to landfills or into streets and waterways.
  5. Use living shoreline techniques to reduce erosion and create important habitat.
  6. Minimize the use of chemical fertilizers—use compost to add fertility to the soil and boost the health of plants.
  7. Use natural methods to control insect pests and weeds instead of pesticides.
  8. Maintain your septic system by pumping it out every three to five years and consider nitrogen removing technology for your existing or new septic system.
  9. Manage your pet’s waste as it introduces nitrogen, ammonia, and disease to the Bay.
  10. Share this list with your neighbors—working together we can restore the health of the Bay. (Click here to email this page to a friend.)

photo by Ann Rohlfing
  Adkins Arboretum

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